Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chilling out

It has been a good day even though I haven't done any writing today. I went out to visit a friend and though she was very busy, I just chilled out and took time off my serious thoughts and even had a nap.
It is good to relax and let the soul sometimes wander off a certain path of focus. One comes back to oneself rejuvenated and with new dreams; a bit like one does after a good holiday. 
I am very hopeful about the future and believe that all things will work out well for my own good because of the faithfulness of the Lord.
Thank You, Father for today and for the joy that comes from being Your child.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nana's personal credo

This year I have made up my mind to treat myself kindly. If no one will treat me as a queen then I have got to do it myself. So,
I am treating myself like a princess. 
I am not stressing over other people's opinions when I act out of conviction; life is too short. 
I am learning to deal with people according to how they present themselves to me; not everyone is as gullible and trusting as I am. 
I am picking myself up as quickly as I can when I falter; the righteous stumble but do not fall and that is a promise of God.
I am confessing the Word of God daily.
I am making myself accountable to a friend with things that I want to achieve this year.
I am standing tall on the inside and know that the results will be visible on the outside as I keep on doing what needs doing.
And I am striving to reach for greater heights in seeking wisdom from the Word of God for there alone will I find the knowledge that I need to walk in the paths ordained for me.
To these things above, I will do my best to remain faithful and I know and believe that this year will end on a very different note.
Thank You, Father, thank You, Jesus, thank You, Holy Spirit. 

Is this right?

I posted a blog from my laptop and I am wondering whether I have got
the email address right this time so this will be short. Here goes...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's report

It has been a good day today; one where I have done everything on my to-do list. And most of the things were writing-related and teaching-related so well done to me. And this is my third post today since I had to catch up what I missed out over the weekend. 

Is this really Nana Yaa being so focused? That in itself is a miracle and I keep on thanking God for this new focus and for my friends who keep cheering me on.

Lord, may Your Name be glorified in my life and in all to do with me

Catching up (2)

I have done quite a bit of writing-related work today and I have also
started writing something on asking after reading a few lines in the
book by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen called The Aladdin
Factor. Ask, ask, ask, Nana. There is nothing wrong with asking and
indeed Matthew 7:7 and 8 tell us that those who ask receive, those who
seek, find and those who knock have the door opened unto to them.\
I am asking to go back to my homeland, Ghana and I keep asking,
seeking and knocking for that opportunity to go home where I belong!
Thank You, Lord for Your goodness, Amen.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catching up (1)

I haven't been here for two days so I will have to make up for those two misses. It was a good weekend and made progress with one writing project I am working on. Hope to do the same with this weekend and keep my focus.

Yesterday I was given some news that could have discouraged me but I am keeping my focus on bringing things into my life. I believe and therefore I receive financial breakthroughs and insights and independence in my life. It is the reality in the spiritual and I am just waiting for it to show up in the physical.

Nana, keep your confessions up, be attuned to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you in the paths for you.

Thank You, Jesus that You are true.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Keeo your focus

Today has been a good day because I am at a good place and I am very grateful for it. It is amazing who will pop out to try to break one's focus when you are on the right track. 
A cousin called me today to talk me out of going home. A very absurd suggestion. People who are not living their dreams or ideals often have the time to criticize other people's lives and dreams.
Beware of dream-killers, Nana. Beware of those who are not encouraging and do not understand your heart. And beware of the wolves who come in sheep's clothing. The Lord is your Shield, your Defender, your Protector and the one who will teach you which way to go. He knows what the big picture is and will strengthen you to defeat and outwit all your enemies with His Word. Listen and keep listening.
Listen and obey and see your path unfold before you. Only keep your eyes on the big goal.
Thank You, Father that You are faithful and true.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need some inspiration

I am feeling quite tired today from yesterday's unexpected trip to the hospital. Very tiring and draining and then also I am thinking of the rut I find myself in concerning cooking. Very boring at the moment and I can't seem to find new ideas.
It is not a good thing to try to think up new thoughts when one is tired so I will leave it for today and hope to find some inspiration in all areas of my life. I need it quite desperately.
Thank You, Father for Your grace.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The victory belongs to the Lord!

The victory belongs to the Lord. Light overcomes darkness. Jesus is Lord of all. The Lord lives and He is still reigning. These are some of the few confessions I have been declaring today in the light of today's challenges and progress.

Light overcomes darkness, Nana and the victory belongs to the Lord and He stores victory for the upright. Believe that and know that all will be well indeed.

I believe and I receive the victory in the Name of Jesus, Amen!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Teaching: a most rewarding profession

I taught a friend's son today and it felt good; I enjoy teaching very much almost as much as the writing. Sometimes I think the passion for both is equal. Still have to make more strides in the writing but with the teaching I believe I am almost at the point now where I could teach anything and I don't mean that in a vain way at all.

It is humbling to find out from a child the way  to teach him or her and I do my best to pray for each child that I teach. Everyone has a gift and it is up to a teacher to do her best or his best to unleash the potential in each child one has the privilege to teach.

And the greatest Teacher is the Holy Spirit who gives the ideas and the wisdom to touch each child. He knows what language to use and what examples to give to teach a lesson. Mine is to keep asking Him for the tools and materials and resources to use.

Lord, I thank You for this gift of teaching and I thank You that You give freely to those who ask for wisdom.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today's thoughts

Yesterday I couldn't send out my usual Friday thoughts because I took the boys out to the Science Musuem. They enjoyed the outing very much but I was feeling quite tired and drained myself. I am completely well now and I am grateful for that. Monday is the start of the re-focusing on the writing. It has not been an easy journey due to different factors. Some of the challenges have been self-inflicted but others external and quite distracting. I keep picking myself up  knowing that destiny calls and I have to keep pressing on.

I am learning with each day to declare the blessing of the Lord upon my life. It is the Word alone that will deliver me and set me free in this path that I walk.

You are the Almighty God, indeed and Your understanding is beyond my finite mind. I receive Your Word for my life.
Thank You, Jesus for today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bill Porter's example

Today I feel much stronger and also more in control of my emotions. There is nothing that beats the fear of the Lord because it anchors your soul and even when you are feeling a bit unstable in your emotions, the Holy Spirit brings you back where you belong and reminds you of the promises of God.

I have been reading a book by Bill Porter today; and reading about his challenges and how he has overcome them to become a salesman extraordinaire has been so humbling and encouraging. One has to keep reading books such as these to bring home the fact that some people make so much out of very little.   

I have so much to be thankful for and I have to do my best not to forget that as I walk through each day. Despite the challenges, I will press on and be more attentive to myself and more gracious to those around me.

Thank You, Father for my life.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One step in front of the other

I have been feeling very weak since Monday because I have had an upset tummy. Don't know whether it is something I have eaten or just a bug. Thank God the boys are off school and that I do not have any urgent tasks as such to perform.
Though I have not done much around the writing, there is no feeling of disappointment or discouragement because I know for sure that the breakthrough is nigh. One step in front of the other and I keep taking those steps by faith. The Lord God is always good to me.
Thank You, Father for today, Amen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Asking for wisdom to recognize the distractions

Sometimes one gets bogged down with the small stuff and one gets off track chasing minute things and wanting to prove yourself to other people.  And sometimes one knows these things mentally and yet one falls into the trap all the same.

That is why I am continually grateful for the Lord's grace and His mercy; and for the fact that He gives me another chance each time I blow it. Father, I ask for wisdom to know the distractions in my life when they come and also to know what things you want me to open my mouth about.
I am a child and still learning and 80 years is a long time to do that so please help me not be complacent but learn to walk in wisdom daily and also to learn to cast my cares and burdens unto You. 

Thank You, Father for my life, Amen. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another day...

I am tired again today because I went to bed very late last night, reading a love story. Something like a Mills and Boon. Some light reading by one of my favourite authors: Sandra Brown. It was a bit of a lightweight compared to some of her more recent titles I have read but very sweet.

Well, the boys are off school so that is my excuse for staying up late. I will certainly not be doing that once the term begins. And I hope that the new term will also bring new ideas and renewed focus for me. I am doing well but there is always room for improvement especially for seeing finished products from all the baby steps.
May I learn to appropriate the resurrection power of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Today's events

It has been a good day today; I visited my friend who is a minister of the gospel and was richly blessed as always. She has such a calming and affirming effect on me that I always look forward to any time spent with her. It is a privilege to know someone like her.
I am still feeling tired though so will be going to bed soon to rest for the morrow. It is a good thing to rest your body when you are tired. No point fighting Mother Nature unless there is a good reason to.
Thank You, Father for today.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Imminent change

Feeling quite drained today and I have to come to bed soon and get some rest. I hope to have good dreams since I haven't had anything in a while now. The Word is my guide in all things though and anything else is additional and perfectly cool but I must not seek after signs as it were.
I read David's song of deliverance as found in 2 Samuel 22 today and that was so cool. Father I need to meditate on that passage for a long time to really get it into my spirit that there is indeed imminent change on the way. Thank You, Father for Your blessing.

Monday, April 06, 2009

My list of 30

I told a friend who was travelling that I had a list of 30 things to work on before he got back and I am finding out that being accountable to someone really does work for me. I have been working on this list and I am making progress indeed. Hopefully I would have ticked all of them off by the time he gets back.
Thank You, Lord for my friend.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thanking God once again

Yesterday I was feeling so sleepy during the day and kept on dozing off as soon as I sat down; this morning I discovered it was fatigue and that I was almost getting ill. It has been a hectic start to the year and I feel like I need a holiday on my own to regroup. I don't mind leaving the boys so much because they are a bit older now but don't like leaving the girl because when I am not here, I can't be sure she will be taken care of properly but I guess I will have to learn to let go and allow her to find her independence.

Thank You, Father for Your grace and Your mercy and Your healing power that is available to me and I thank You for my health.

Tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lessons from Roger Federer

I feel a bit sorry for Roger Federer, my favourite male tennis player. Seems like he is in a decline at the moment and I don't think he is taking it too well. Let's face it, our physical bodies grow older and much as one can slow down the ageing process, one cannot put it off forever. The years will eventually roll over any youth. It is not a bad thing if one is growing in wisdom because I think one will use less effort to accomplish things because hopefully your attitudes and mindsets are much stronger than someone younger in body and in age.

There are many young players out there, stronger and more energetic than the Swiss maestro and one of them has already taken the number one ranking away from him: the Spanish conquistador Rafael Nadal. He is a fighter and the best at winning even when he is down.

I always learn lots of lessons from watching tennis and reading about the players. What I know for sure from RF is that I have to prepare for seasons ahead when vigour and strength might not ( I am still working on fitness ) be the strongest weapons in my arsenal. I am working on acquiring wisdom and insight for every area of my life so that indeed I will be a grey-haired woman whose opinion is sought by many.

Roger, I wish you well in whatever you do; just do it graciously and with the humility that is always so fitting in any champion.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Emotional healing by faith

It has been another busy day; I went looking for a book for a friend in the library and it seems like the copies of four of those libraries has just disappeared. There is a book rustler around. It meant that I was running around for the rest of the day and I got back home hoping to hear from a friend but found no email or message waiting for me. Disappointing but not catastrophic. 

I have been doing my best to keep focused and keep the big picture in mind and I have been reminding myself that every great feat always has opposition trying to stop it from coming to fruition. I am feeling tired (in my emotions) of battling to stay focused on the writing and I have been doing well with keeping one foot ahead of the other so I must keep on doing that. Some days, one feels like one is wading through mud but what to do about it but to keep going on as best as one can?

Lord, without You I can do nothing so please do something soon and help me keep your Word in mind and not look at the circumstances around me.

God is good and He is so merciful to His own. Thank You, Father that you made today; I am doing my best to rejoice and be glad in today.

Thank You that I am more than a conqueror in the Name of Jesus, Amen.