Thursday, November 23, 2006

Getting back into shape

I haven't been able to write in a few days now and did my best to scribble in my journal yesterday. It is funny how one misses writing when one hasn't done it for a few days. Hmmm.
I am still smiling and waving and trying to chill out especially since I am at home now with no obligations to the Adult Education Centre or any courses .
I am hoping to get back into some form of routine though and get back in the saddle and persevere at this writing and guess what? Self-publishing does not look so pitiful anymore.
I am considering it quite seriously.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Just smile and wave

Being a mother means I have watched a number of the animated films made by Disney and Pixar by default and I am constantly amazed by the cleverness of the scriptwriters because the films manage to entertain adults and children on different levels.
My current favourite of these films at the moment is Madagascar. I see it as a wicked, brilliant satire of society in a lot of ways. There are the four main characters, the lion, the hippo, the zebra and the giraffe, who live in an American zoo and end up in Madagascar where the story unfolds. And then there are the four clever penguins who want to escape from the zoo and go back to Antarctica ,who are busy digging a tunnel to escape. They also somehow end up in Madagascar.
I love the penguins because they have this philosophy of ‘smiling and waving’, which they use to mask their intelligence.

I have had to remind myself to ‘smile and wave’ this week in situations where I have been ready to argue and get frazzled.
Just 'smile and wave', Nana, 'smile and wave' and let your words be few. Amen.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More baby steps

Slowly I am getting back into some form of routine though I will have to be on top of things to keep up with the things the boys need to do from school. Yesterday was one of those days I felt like writing but was too tired to do so and couldn't put thoughts down on paper so I just wrote a one-liner and this morning I feel so goood about it.
The concept of baby steps really does help me and even on days when I feel like time is running out and I will never publish on a large scale, I am reminded anew that a little every day done with God's help is more than enough to please Him.
And that is what I want to do.
Please Him always.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Enjoying Baby Sarah

Sarah continues to hog the attention in the household but why not? She is very sweet and a good eater and sleeper as well. I have not recovered as quickly from her delivery as with the boys though, but today in particular I feel a spring in my step and I do feel like I am almost back to my best. That is if I can figure out what to do with our clothes since we have moved again!
There are so many things to unpack and where to start from is the challenge but it has to be done somehow.
Writing has taken a back seat as always but maybe today I will attempt that letter I have been thinking of.
A step at a time with a new baby and a new home is exactly what I can do.
But I also do intend to enjoy the time with Baby Sarah too. God is good.