Sunday, March 23, 2008

Living your dream

This is the second time I am writing this and I am not too sure where the previous entry has disappeared to.

Well, during the week I watched a program called A Place In The Sun and in this particular episode, there was a woman who had relocated to Portugal to live her dream of a rural life. Six months later the hostess of the show had gone back to find out how she was doing and she was getting ready to host a dinner party for her neighbours.

I had watched many episodes of this program but somehow this program touched me very much. To witness someone living their dream was awesome for me. Because a lot of times when you have a dream and you share it, a lot of well-meaning people, family and friends will dissuade you from walking it out, pointing out all the barriers and impediments and sacrifices you have to make. A lot of the time, they will point out all the benefits of your current status and tell you to be grateful for what you have.

The thing about a dream though is that it never goes away; you wake up with it on your mind and you go to bed with it on your mind. The sad thing is that a lot of people succumb to the discouragement and do not make the effort to try at their dreams.

Not me. I don't know when I made that decision but I would rather try than to sit pretty and carry sadness in my heart.

I keep writing about a day at a time and indeed that is what I have. Today. What am I doing to get closer to that dream?

With God's help, I know my dreams will come to pass.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Waiting patiently

I am going through one of those phases; having a lot to do but not knowing where to start from and feeling slightly bereft. I am doing my best to be quiet before the Lord to hear His voice. I must be patient and keep trusting that clear instructions will come very soon.

My soul waits for the Lord.

Thank You, Father.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The joy of motherhood

Believe it or not, I have almost forgotten about this blog until today. Not because I have lost the urge to write but because I have been doing a lot of running around the boys. They are doing more activities now and I have to ferry back and forth four days out of the five days in the week. It doesn't help to be tired if you are the creative sort but I am hoping to find a way through it.

The joys of parenting. Every mother with older children tells me to enjoy these days so I am doing my best not to mourn at the loss of down time. This too shall pass, surely.

Thank You, Lord.