Friday, April 24, 2009

Keeo your focus

Today has been a good day because I am at a good place and I am very grateful for it. It is amazing who will pop out to try to break one's focus when you are on the right track. 
A cousin called me today to talk me out of going home. A very absurd suggestion. People who are not living their dreams or ideals often have the time to criticize other people's lives and dreams.
Beware of dream-killers, Nana. Beware of those who are not encouraging and do not understand your heart. And beware of the wolves who come in sheep's clothing. The Lord is your Shield, your Defender, your Protector and the one who will teach you which way to go. He knows what the big picture is and will strengthen you to defeat and outwit all your enemies with His Word. Listen and keep listening.
Listen and obey and see your path unfold before you. Only keep your eyes on the big goal.
Thank You, Father that You are faithful and true.


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