Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer job

I seem to have neglected my baby over here on this blog. Not really; the holidays just taking away some of the regular routines I normally have. I have a summer job for four weeks; two days in the week and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach again. I am going to register with some agencies as well and take it from there.

I am hopeful that I will get something soon, one way or the other. It could be the writing, it could be the teaching. Exciting times ahead indeed and I am looking forward to the testimonies to share.

Thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need to sleep

It has been a mixed sort of day and I am feeling quite tired now and should just go to bed. I am beginning to feel a little bit harassed at the thought of all the things I have to do and I really must be calm so I can focus constantly.
I cannot fight tiredness, not at all. It is well.
Thank You, Father for today.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A million pieces

Today I feel like I am being divided into a million pieces and being dragged in several different directions. I am learning the tough way that sometimes good intentions do not cut it at all and sometimes one has to work through some amount of pain to achieve certain goals. It would be nice to get sympathy from all quarters but sometimes that is lacking and one has to do what one has to do.

I am being asked to do a particular job and the money, quite frankly is not worth it at all. What to do, Lord, what to do? I ask for Your wisdom in this case and ask that You direct and lead as to how to get out of this if it is just going to be too costly emotionally and financially.

And Lord,help me keep focus and do what needs doing to get to the intended destination and goal.

Thank You, Father in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brief update

Finally the term is over and one can rest a bit now. The only thing is that I have had a tummy upset for the past two days and it has kind of slowed me down. Hopefully I should be well soon.
Hoping to get a lot of things sorted out this holiday, especially the writing and the project with a friend. 
Good health is not to be taken for granted at all; it is only when you don't have it that you realise how much it is worth.
Will be here again tomorrow. Thank You, Lord for today.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Long day

It has been a long day and I need my bed very much. I was up waiting for my brother to arrive from Chester and the boys have been up as well. 

I am so glad that it is end of term and that will be some rest for sure. Still have lots of things to sort out but at least I will not be rushing out in the morning or trying to get everyone on task for school. Lord, I commit this holiday into Your Hands and pray that things go well and that by the end of it, things would have changed for me in one way or the other.

Still I press on and believe You for the miracles I need.
Thank You, Father for today. Thank You, Lord.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's report

Thank God it is almost the end of term. I don't remember a summer term being as busy as this one before and that is because two of the boys are heavily involved in sports. I have to go up and down, up and down and some days I get back home so very tired.

Come Friday, I will have a bit of a break and be able to focus on me for a bit. Of course one has to think about what to do with the boys during the summer break.

It has been a pleasant day today, sunshine and some showers. Had to take one of the boys for a piano exam and then I got myself a copy of Kitchen Privileges from the library, the memoir of Mary Higgins Clark, which I have read about 4 times. My very own copy; what a find.

Thank You, Father for the shoots and the buds. Looking forward with great expectation to that abundant harvest.

Thank You, Father for Your Grace and Mercy always, Amen.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Examples all around me

Roger Federer has won his 15th Grand Slam and he is now the record holder of Grand Slam titles. Thing is that he somehow makes it look all so easy. I now not only love to watch him play but my love has admiration attached to it these days and he is someone I believe can teach lots of lessons about how to succeed as a champion. This morning I was thinking about Proverbs 22:29 where it says a skilled man will stand before kings and not obscure men.

One does not need to go out to impress; the quality of your work and the excellence of what you do, if you do it well, will announce itself. Pharoah sent for Joseph, Saul sent for David, Herod sent for Jesus. What more examples do I need to cheer myself on? 

I have slipped in the past two weeks but it is time to regroup once more and this time round, I know that there is only one way forward and His Name is Jesus.

Thank You, Father for the examples I see around me to do with excellence.
Nana, keep walking and keep talking to yourself.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Long time

It has been a while since I last visited this spot. No reason but the same old one so I will not get into explaining why.

It has been an interesting week and one that has made me realise a few shortcomings of mine that I need to tackle. Nothing major but it is interesting that each time I have to go back to the basics over and over again. That is the key and consistency is another as well, like I have written about before. That is key. I also have to still do less and less talking or rather talk some more with myself internally. I have got so much to prove to myself and to those who keep pushing me higher and I have to deliver. At the same time I have to be careful not to put so much pressure on myself that I implode or get so discouraged it takes so much to climb back up.

One thing I have picked up is that I have to go over things constantly so that I am adding to old knowledge and not dropping bits of knowledge when I learn something new.

Self-knowledge is indeed one of the most powerful ways to learn and draw oneself up. Lord, thank You for Your Mercy and Your Grace, Amen.