Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another day

It has been a good day though I have been baby-sitting. It is amazing how focused the mind is when you have specific goals in mind. I don't think I have such clarity in my mind or life before; I have just kind of been bumbling along in all areas of my life except the spiritual bit. I am so glad inside of me for this strength and very grateful that I have been able to sustain it this long.

There have been many distractions but God is so good and so faithful to His Own and I count myself as one of them. It is good to praise the Lord.

So I am grateful for yet another day of taking stock and jotting things down and allowing things to percolate.

Thank You, Father for today. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's dealings

It has been another frustrating evening for me; I wanted to do so much but have done so little because I am in a situation where I feel powerless. Money does not guarantee happiness but when you need it, you really need it. I think this an indirect quote from Zig Ziglar. I will leave this issue for now and focus on the very productive morning that I had.

I managed to write for twenty minutes in the library and added onto my list of dreams and wrote out certain things and I felt so good that it translated into a bounce in my step. Then I bought some books from a charity shop to add to my collection and library for the near future: and after that went on to teach one of my students. Very fulfilling morning indeed.

I also read an article on making use of the pockets of time which was very useful especially since that is the direction I am heading in these days. There is no point wishing for long periods of time to write because I know I don't have that discipline to sit for long hours yet ( unless I am curled up reading ); and then also I have young children who seem more and more demanding with each passing day; children who do not quite understand that Mummy sometimes needs a few minutes on her own without any request coming her way so.. 

So back to the article; it was very sensible and talked about linking the writing to daily chores and also taking small bits of writing to work on at a time. I wish I could put things into better perspective about this writing. It is perfectly understandable to me that great paintings take a long time to paint so why is it so hard to accept that it is the same with the writing? Nana, just get it.  I think it is because I want to be so financially independent that I want to produce a great tome in hours to sell and get some capital.

 Well, I shall have to rely on other skills like the teaching to bring in an income until I strike that vein of gold with the writing and with God's help, that will come one fine day.

Thank You, Father for today and for Your patience with this child.
It is well.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It is well

It has been a tough two weeks over here and it accounts for my lack of post for so long. Anyway, I am doing my best to get back on track and focus on what needs doing. I am feeling quite tired from all the housework this morning but wanted to write something for today.
I will be taking a five minute nap if I can which should rejuvenate me; then I will write something much more interesting than my current state of being .

It is well indeed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An interesting day

Today is Son No. 3's birthday and I sure hope he has had a good day. It has been a very challenging one for me; one that has reminded me anew that I need to be more proactive than I have been. And that is saying something because I have made great leaps in that part of my nature. I picked up a book today about Nice girls which alas I couldn't finish but it was saying how 'nice' was not what was required of any woman, but good as in what the Lord saw as good.

Not denying your persona, or your true self but seeking to let the Lord mould you into the person He meant you to be.

It is liberating to do that as I am discovering and I learnt anew today that I am in a different season to anyone else. What seems like folly to another is what is my growth season and indeed there is so much I am having to learn and assimilate into my life.

God is good and there is no end to His grace, His favour and His mercy. Happy birthday to my son and indeed to his mother too.
It is well.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Focus factor

I haven't written here in a while for no good reason. Each time I open the website there is a distraction. That is why I am now being a bit more ruthless with my pockets of time. I have set 1 o'clock as the time from which I will do the housework so that I can snatch a few minutes or hours in the mornings to do some writing or reading around it if I do not have an appointment.
It is good to be focused and my trip to Ghana has made my focus stronger and more intentional.

Yesterday an acquaintance told me that she saw a letter I wrote a few months back in a magazine and I was so chuffed because I never got an acknowledgement or anything of the sort to say they liked it.

Whatever the case, it really made my day yesterday; especially since I had just decided that I was going to start writing letters once again.
Thank You, Father for each blade.

Thank You all the time for your precious grace and mercy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

To Nana Yaa

I am getting stronger each day and it does feel very good indeed. I am more assertive with people, which is not sitting well with some people, but doesn't bother me in the least because if I do want to achieve my goals I have to be tougher with myself and with others too, so....

I am sometimes impatient about the writing but I believe it is a step at a time and there are good signs to show that I am back on the upward slope.

Most of all, I am at peace inside and believe the Lord has His eye on me. His eyes are on the sparrow and His eyes are watching me.

To Nana Yaa and to her writing. Thank You, Father for all Your blessings, Amen.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Do not take yourself for granted

Cheap does not always mean inferior and I think I have shared my thoughts on that before somewhere in this blog. However pricing your goods or services way below the asking price means people taking you for granted.
This evening I have had a mature lady in church horrify me by asking me to lower the fee I charge for teaching to a value that is ridiculous and unthinkable. 
I don't even know what to say. Sometimes it is good to stand your ground and not compromise on your price. Those who respect your trade will buy from you no matter the price.
It is a lesson to be learnt indeed.