Saturday, April 04, 2009

Lessons from Roger Federer

I feel a bit sorry for Roger Federer, my favourite male tennis player. Seems like he is in a decline at the moment and I don't think he is taking it too well. Let's face it, our physical bodies grow older and much as one can slow down the ageing process, one cannot put it off forever. The years will eventually roll over any youth. It is not a bad thing if one is growing in wisdom because I think one will use less effort to accomplish things because hopefully your attitudes and mindsets are much stronger than someone younger in body and in age.

There are many young players out there, stronger and more energetic than the Swiss maestro and one of them has already taken the number one ranking away from him: the Spanish conquistador Rafael Nadal. He is a fighter and the best at winning even when he is down.

I always learn lots of lessons from watching tennis and reading about the players. What I know for sure from RF is that I have to prepare for seasons ahead when vigour and strength might not ( I am still working on fitness ) be the strongest weapons in my arsenal. I am working on acquiring wisdom and insight for every area of my life so that indeed I will be a grey-haired woman whose opinion is sought by many.

Roger, I wish you well in whatever you do; just do it graciously and with the humility that is always so fitting in any champion.


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