Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today's thoughts

Yesterday I couldn't send out my usual Friday thoughts because I took the boys out to the Science Musuem. They enjoyed the outing very much but I was feeling quite tired and drained myself. I am completely well now and I am grateful for that. Monday is the start of the re-focusing on the writing. It has not been an easy journey due to different factors. Some of the challenges have been self-inflicted but others external and quite distracting. I keep picking myself up  knowing that destiny calls and I have to keep pressing on.

I am learning with each day to declare the blessing of the Lord upon my life. It is the Word alone that will deliver me and set me free in this path that I walk.

You are the Almighty God, indeed and Your understanding is beyond my finite mind. I receive Your Word for my life.
Thank You, Jesus for today.


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