Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Asking for wisdom to recognize the distractions

Sometimes one gets bogged down with the small stuff and one gets off track chasing minute things and wanting to prove yourself to other people.  And sometimes one knows these things mentally and yet one falls into the trap all the same.

That is why I am continually grateful for the Lord's grace and His mercy; and for the fact that He gives me another chance each time I blow it. Father, I ask for wisdom to know the distractions in my life when they come and also to know what things you want me to open my mouth about.
I am a child and still learning and 80 years is a long time to do that so please help me not be complacent but learn to walk in wisdom daily and also to learn to cast my cares and burdens unto You. 

Thank You, Father for my life, Amen. 


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