Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nana's personal credo

This year I have made up my mind to treat myself kindly. If no one will treat me as a queen then I have got to do it myself. So,
I am treating myself like a princess. 
I am not stressing over other people's opinions when I act out of conviction; life is too short. 
I am learning to deal with people according to how they present themselves to me; not everyone is as gullible and trusting as I am. 
I am picking myself up as quickly as I can when I falter; the righteous stumble but do not fall and that is a promise of God.
I am confessing the Word of God daily.
I am making myself accountable to a friend with things that I want to achieve this year.
I am standing tall on the inside and know that the results will be visible on the outside as I keep on doing what needs doing.
And I am striving to reach for greater heights in seeking wisdom from the Word of God for there alone will I find the knowledge that I need to walk in the paths ordained for me.
To these things above, I will do my best to remain faithful and I know and believe that this year will end on a very different note.
Thank You, Father, thank You, Jesus, thank You, Holy Spirit. 


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