Saturday, November 24, 2007

The land of treasures

I have been rediscovering our area, that is the borough I live in and I have found veritable treasures within a week or two of stepping out of the mundane. I have discovered for a fact that the richer areas naturally stock a richer horde of books in their libraries and they also have their own quirky and individual shops, including bookshops.
What a find, what a discovery for the writer in me to be able to drive a few miles away and be transported into another world as it were and what a find for a few extra pounds.
Another nail in the coffin of boredom.
I have treasures galore to feast on for now. And I will.
Thank You, my Father God.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The pound

During the week I visited a particular library and there was a book sale going on. I always make an excuse to get books so I desperately wanted to get some of them but didn't have any spare change.
I came home, prayed about it and started searching high and low, in my pockets and pouches but could find no pound. One could get a whole bag of books for just one pound so all I needed was a pound. In the morning, my search continued but alas no pound.
So I kind of whispered to God and said, "Father, no pound to buy the books. It must not be in line with your will for me."
I was very disappointed but didn't want to dwell on it. As I went to put my youngest son in the car to school, there was a pound coin right there in front of his seat! Amazing !
Who said our Heavenly Father is not interested in the little things that concern us? He is deeply interested and wants to show Himself strong on our behalf.
I have been so blessed by this miracle and may its depth and tenderness continue to remind me of the Lord's goodness and grace to us.
Amen. I praise You, Lord.

An Artist's Date

It has been a good week for me because I have definitely had an Artist Date; I was bold, daring, defiant and brave and drove outside London to a part I have always wanted to see and it was lovely; crowned by the purchase of a Maths book, the same as one I had just borrowed from the library. It is going to be such a cherished memory.
I am getting closer each day to a breakthrough, whatever that means to me and soon I shall be able to take many more Artist's Dates which will also make my writing richer and deeper in content.
Father, I thank You for caring for me.
Love you.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Writing progress

It has been a month or about five weeks since I started going to the library to do with the writing and I have seen subtle changes in my writing. I am very thankful for the time and the privilege.
Progress at work.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New phase?

Yesterday I was accepted on a computing course and I was quite excited about it because I have always wanted to improve on my skills to do with technology. I think it is accurate to say that I am not such a technophobe as I used to be and I am more ready to try new stuff than I used to be.
I think focussing on the writing or rather the weekly trips to the library have helped my focus very much and rekindled my love for journaling and putting my thoughts down on paper; and naturally this new focus has spilt over into other parts of my life.
I am indeed grateful for each learning stage.
Thank You, Father for Your grace upon me all the time.
Hallelujah, Amen.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thanksgiving and sleep

I went out today, hoping to do some writing and ended up doing some shopping; necessary but I suddenly felt very tired and had to come home. I think I need some quality sleep. It is not always comfortable sleeping with a baby and Baby Sarah has to learn to sleep in her cot by herself.
Whatever the case, I am doing my best to focus and stick to the writing regime. Tomorrow is out for a library session but we can start again on Friday.
Thank You, Lord for Your grace.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ben Carson, MD

Today is a new day; yesterday I finished reading about Ben Carson and was really inspired by his story. I already think I read enough but reading about him has inspired me to do more of it when I can and cut out sitting times and also boredom by just disciplining myself to sit down to read.
It was also very inspiring to read about his godly and wise mother who inspired him so much and encouraged him to be the best that he could be. I must make more of an effort to do the same with the boys and talk to them and smile at them more so that they are comfortable to express themselves better in my presence.
Thank You, Father for godly mothers, thank You for Your Word, thank You for the higher way of love and for your correction.
And thank You for godly examples like Ben Carson in the marketplace.