Monday, April 20, 2009

Teaching: a most rewarding profession

I taught a friend's son today and it felt good; I enjoy teaching very much almost as much as the writing. Sometimes I think the passion for both is equal. Still have to make more strides in the writing but with the teaching I believe I am almost at the point now where I could teach anything and I don't mean that in a vain way at all.

It is humbling to find out from a child the way  to teach him or her and I do my best to pray for each child that I teach. Everyone has a gift and it is up to a teacher to do her best or his best to unleash the potential in each child one has the privilege to teach.

And the greatest Teacher is the Holy Spirit who gives the ideas and the wisdom to touch each child. He knows what language to use and what examples to give to teach a lesson. Mine is to keep asking Him for the tools and materials and resources to use.

Lord, I thank You for this gift of teaching and I thank You that You give freely to those who ask for wisdom.


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