Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What am I waiting for?

Sometimes it takes a really horrid event to cement things for you. The husband of someone I know from university took his life a few weeks ago and I have been wondering what drove him to such lengths. What makes us stay in a state of unhappiness until it is too late?
Fear, basically. Fear in various ways and I shudder to think that I would live under such a cloud that I would despair of life itself. Life abundant is Jesus's promise to us in John 10:10, that famous passage.
I receive that promise by faith and continue to seek to walk in the paths aright for me. Baby step at a time with each passing day. I cannot live under a cloud and be unhappy or discontent because I know I am not being true to what I believe God has put on my heart.
I own my vision of abundant life in Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Rediscovering my local libraries

I thought I had sussed out my libraries quite well because of the frequency of my trips to those hallowed buildings but recently I visited a refurbished library and I was amazed at what was on offer . I have found new titles that I had no idea would be found in my local library and I am falling in love anew. May it never be said that I am bored again and that I have nothing to do.
A visit to my new library should kickstart something positive and lovely flowing through me which is (hopefully) writing-related.
It is amazing what you can find in an area that you thought you knew well.
Thank You, Father for renewed vision.


Friday, October 19, 2007

I need sleep!

I need a proper night's sleep with a good massage and a good film to watch. It has been a busy week and it is telling on my shoulders very much.
Maybe it is why I have not given too much attention to the writing.
I must follow my own advice and rest properly so that I can be productive.
Thank You, Father for Your grace.


Monday, October 15, 2007

A year older

Son number 3 was eight yesterday and he was very excited throughout the whole day. A year older means mummy is also older. I have been going to the library to work on the writing and it has been good. Today I couldn't make it because of a blocked nose with discomfort and I do hope that will not take away my routine. I have to stay focussed.
A year from this time when son Number 3 is nine, I hope I will be able to say that I am older and wiser and a better writer with the age.
Thank You, Father.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Passion for living

In the past few weeks I have watched parts of 2 old films as I have been trying to put the little lady to sleep and both have included some of my favourite actors, Julia Roberts and Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman, I almost literally droll over for his coolness and his charisma and presence on the screen. With Julia, it is her passion and her smile. Well, during the week I read an interview of Morgan and enjoyed learning a bit more about my almost favourite man. In his early years of acting, he struggled a lot with getting good parts and he muddled along until getting his first break as it were. To hear other actors rave about him and watch his performances, you would not think he had had it rough. And Harrison Ford has a similar experience to tell. In both cases, their passions kept them going in the faces of challenges, disappointments and difficulties.

Somehow it reminded me of the first year of being in England and how things were so strange to me and how lonely I was during the day with virtually no one to talk to. In an attempt to keep me occupied and my grey cells working, Michael paid for a basic accounting course for me. And yes, with my Maths background I was getting all the answerers right but was so bored and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to be an accountant. It was boring because there was no passion in there for me. It was just something to fill in the gap.

A few years later I read about a lady who was passionate about accounts and she explained it this way. “When I look at the accounts of an individual or a business it gives me a story about how money was been spent. A meal, an outing, books, investment, presents, etc, etc. I just get a thrill and a buzz from seeing how other people live and spend their money.” To say I was amazed would be an understatement. It was a light bulb moment for me. It just taught me that I had no business calling something boring when I had no passion for it.

If you do have passion for the things you are involved in, you somehow find the energy to keep going with it and you are energized when you talk about it or engage in this activity.

Just as the old adage says that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I think a little passion each day will keep you youthful, hopeful and joyful.

God bless you all and enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Focus factor

That is the title of a CD I have been listening to and it has been amazing; not because I didn't know what was on there but I am learning that the big difference between achievers and non-achievers is in what the one group does that the other doesn't. And the things the achievers do are not rocket science stuff, but little things done with discipline, diligence, consistency and regularity until the results are seen.
Even implementing a few of the things I have re-learnt will make a big difference I know; and if I do follow through, this year will certainly end on a different note to the one before.
Focus, you have a new acolyte. Behold the renaissance woman, NY.


Monday, October 01, 2007

The Same Lessons Popping Up

I haven't been here in a while now;just so many things happening, it seems like. Parties to attend and errands to run as usual and of course having a baby to take care of. Ah well, better today than tomorrow.
This is my third day of coming to the library in the morning to write and I find that it has been very helpful and has beaten the frustration levels down as well because I go to bed knowing I have done something writing-related.
Funny enough,this year I have been going over the same lessons for a while and they keep popping up in different areas. It is obvious that I must be doing something about these ideas before long or I will lose them or lose the momentum to follow through.
1. Do not talk too much about your ideas especially to naysayers.
2. Write down your ideas and revisit them. That is very important.
3. Do things that make you feel happy no matter how quirky they might be. You are you.
4. Be thankful for everything in your life.
5. Keep asking the Lord for guidance.
6. Do not give in to discouragement.
7. Change what you are doing if things are not working out.
8. Persevere with things and do not get bored.
9. Exercise. Walk.Sing. Laugh.
10. Know that each season is different and that your breakthrough is nigh.

Thank You, Father for Your faithfulness, Amen.