Sunday, July 05, 2009

Examples all around me

Roger Federer has won his 15th Grand Slam and he is now the record holder of Grand Slam titles. Thing is that he somehow makes it look all so easy. I now not only love to watch him play but my love has admiration attached to it these days and he is someone I believe can teach lots of lessons about how to succeed as a champion. This morning I was thinking about Proverbs 22:29 where it says a skilled man will stand before kings and not obscure men.

One does not need to go out to impress; the quality of your work and the excellence of what you do, if you do it well, will announce itself. Pharoah sent for Joseph, Saul sent for David, Herod sent for Jesus. What more examples do I need to cheer myself on? 

I have slipped in the past two weeks but it is time to regroup once more and this time round, I know that there is only one way forward and His Name is Jesus.

Thank You, Father for the examples I see around me to do with excellence.
Nana, keep walking and keep talking to yourself.


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