Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's report

Thank God it is almost the end of term. I don't remember a summer term being as busy as this one before and that is because two of the boys are heavily involved in sports. I have to go up and down, up and down and some days I get back home so very tired.

Come Friday, I will have a bit of a break and be able to focus on me for a bit. Of course one has to think about what to do with the boys during the summer break.

It has been a pleasant day today, sunshine and some showers. Had to take one of the boys for a piano exam and then I got myself a copy of Kitchen Privileges from the library, the memoir of Mary Higgins Clark, which I have read about 4 times. My very own copy; what a find.

Thank You, Father for the shoots and the buds. Looking forward with great expectation to that abundant harvest.

Thank You, Father for Your Grace and Mercy always, Amen.


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