Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Focus factor

I haven't written here in a while for no good reason. Each time I open the website there is a distraction. That is why I am now being a bit more ruthless with my pockets of time. I have set 1 o'clock as the time from which I will do the housework so that I can snatch a few minutes or hours in the mornings to do some writing or reading around it if I do not have an appointment.
It is good to be focused and my trip to Ghana has made my focus stronger and more intentional.

Yesterday an acquaintance told me that she saw a letter I wrote a few months back in a magazine and I was so chuffed because I never got an acknowledgement or anything of the sort to say they liked it.

Whatever the case, it really made my day yesterday; especially since I had just decided that I was going to start writing letters once again.
Thank You, Father for each blade.

Thank You all the time for your precious grace and mercy.


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