Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An interesting day

Today is Son No. 3's birthday and I sure hope he has had a good day. It has been a very challenging one for me; one that has reminded me anew that I need to be more proactive than I have been. And that is saying something because I have made great leaps in that part of my nature. I picked up a book today about Nice girls which alas I couldn't finish but it was saying how 'nice' was not what was required of any woman, but good as in what the Lord saw as good.

Not denying your persona, or your true self but seeking to let the Lord mould you into the person He meant you to be.

It is liberating to do that as I am discovering and I learnt anew today that I am in a different season to anyone else. What seems like folly to another is what is my growth season and indeed there is so much I am having to learn and assimilate into my life.

God is good and there is no end to His grace, His favour and His mercy. Happy birthday to my son and indeed to his mother too.
It is well.


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