Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's dealings

It has been another frustrating evening for me; I wanted to do so much but have done so little because I am in a situation where I feel powerless. Money does not guarantee happiness but when you need it, you really need it. I think this an indirect quote from Zig Ziglar. I will leave this issue for now and focus on the very productive morning that I had.

I managed to write for twenty minutes in the library and added onto my list of dreams and wrote out certain things and I felt so good that it translated into a bounce in my step. Then I bought some books from a charity shop to add to my collection and library for the near future: and after that went on to teach one of my students. Very fulfilling morning indeed.

I also read an article on making use of the pockets of time which was very useful especially since that is the direction I am heading in these days. There is no point wishing for long periods of time to write because I know I don't have that discipline to sit for long hours yet ( unless I am curled up reading ); and then also I have young children who seem more and more demanding with each passing day; children who do not quite understand that Mummy sometimes needs a few minutes on her own without any request coming her way so.. 

So back to the article; it was very sensible and talked about linking the writing to daily chores and also taking small bits of writing to work on at a time. I wish I could put things into better perspective about this writing. It is perfectly understandable to me that great paintings take a long time to paint so why is it so hard to accept that it is the same with the writing? Nana, just get it.  I think it is because I want to be so financially independent that I want to produce a great tome in hours to sell and get some capital.

 Well, I shall have to rely on other skills like the teaching to bring in an income until I strike that vein of gold with the writing and with God's help, that will come one fine day.

Thank You, Father for today and for Your patience with this child.
It is well.


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