Monday, October 01, 2007

The Same Lessons Popping Up

I haven't been here in a while now;just so many things happening, it seems like. Parties to attend and errands to run as usual and of course having a baby to take care of. Ah well, better today than tomorrow.
This is my third day of coming to the library in the morning to write and I find that it has been very helpful and has beaten the frustration levels down as well because I go to bed knowing I have done something writing-related.
Funny enough,this year I have been going over the same lessons for a while and they keep popping up in different areas. It is obvious that I must be doing something about these ideas before long or I will lose them or lose the momentum to follow through.
1. Do not talk too much about your ideas especially to naysayers.
2. Write down your ideas and revisit them. That is very important.
3. Do things that make you feel happy no matter how quirky they might be. You are you.
4. Be thankful for everything in your life.
5. Keep asking the Lord for guidance.
6. Do not give in to discouragement.
7. Change what you are doing if things are not working out.
8. Persevere with things and do not get bored.
9. Exercise. Walk.Sing. Laugh.
10. Know that each season is different and that your breakthrough is nigh.

Thank You, Father for Your faithfulness, Amen.



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