Thursday, November 22, 2007

The pound

During the week I visited a particular library and there was a book sale going on. I always make an excuse to get books so I desperately wanted to get some of them but didn't have any spare change.
I came home, prayed about it and started searching high and low, in my pockets and pouches but could find no pound. One could get a whole bag of books for just one pound so all I needed was a pound. In the morning, my search continued but alas no pound.
So I kind of whispered to God and said, "Father, no pound to buy the books. It must not be in line with your will for me."
I was very disappointed but didn't want to dwell on it. As I went to put my youngest son in the car to school, there was a pound coin right there in front of his seat! Amazing !
Who said our Heavenly Father is not interested in the little things that concern us? He is deeply interested and wants to show Himself strong on our behalf.
I have been so blessed by this miracle and may its depth and tenderness continue to remind me of the Lord's goodness and grace to us.
Amen. I praise You, Lord.


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