Friday, November 17, 2006

Just smile and wave

Being a mother means I have watched a number of the animated films made by Disney and Pixar by default and I am constantly amazed by the cleverness of the scriptwriters because the films manage to entertain adults and children on different levels.
My current favourite of these films at the moment is Madagascar. I see it as a wicked, brilliant satire of society in a lot of ways. There are the four main characters, the lion, the hippo, the zebra and the giraffe, who live in an American zoo and end up in Madagascar where the story unfolds. And then there are the four clever penguins who want to escape from the zoo and go back to Antarctica ,who are busy digging a tunnel to escape. They also somehow end up in Madagascar.
I love the penguins because they have this philosophy of ‘smiling and waving’, which they use to mask their intelligence.

I have had to remind myself to ‘smile and wave’ this week in situations where I have been ready to argue and get frazzled.
Just 'smile and wave', Nana, 'smile and wave' and let your words be few. Amen.


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