Sunday, February 26, 2006

The cool dudes

I so love it when I am vindicated. I was chatting to two friends about films, raving about Morgan Freeman's performances and how cool and self-assured he looks ( something to do with being an older man, I surmise) and how I would like to meet him and such stuff. Then yesterday on my way to a meeting, I treated myself to an Ebony magazine which had a picture of Samuel Jackson and his wife on there; I quickly opened to the interview with them both and lo and behold, Mr Jackson had written that the person he would most like to act with was Morgan Freeman! Now Samuel is also one cool dude but to read him say that about Morgan made me feel quite smug.

I can recognize class after all; I must begin to believe a bit more in my judgements to do with my writing and believe that each piece I write helps me learn more and express myself better.

To be cool like Samuel or Morgan in my writing; with the grey hairs and all. That would be cool!


Anonymous Terri8594 said...

Greetings from the U.S., Atlanta, GA. Great site, Nana!

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