Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Words again

Yesterday I went out and it was a blessing to me after my entry a few days back about wanting a new experience away from my local environment. I had to go and sort out something to do with my bank account that did not go as planned but I bought quite a number of books from charity shops, thrift shops to Americans and came back feeling so full and energized and feeling like I had done something constructive with my time since the books were to do with writing and Scrabble.

My third boy loves Scrabble; that is when he is not being distracted by the older two and he is quite good too. The funny thing is that even though he is very competitive, he is not upset when he loses, which has surprised me but I think his pleasure is from being able to form new words and I hope he keeps this interest up. I have read about a writer whose mother played Scrabble with him and his brother when they were growing up.And what better excuse for this mother to interrupt washing-up to play Scrabble and bond with her son? It is practice for me too and I love to play .

And finally I have subscribed to The Writer Magazine and I am so looking forward to receiving the first copy.

Words; I love them and I desire to churn out some of my very own.

God bless.


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