Friday, February 17, 2006

I notice that...

The week has gone by a bit too quickly for me; I have not been able to do all that I had planned to do and that is because I have had the boys at home. It has been nice and relaxing in the mornings because I have not had lunchboxes to do.

I went out alone on Valentine's Day , which was a treat; managed to get new shoes without anyone running around or asking to go to the loo. It is beginning to make sense why a lot of female columnists get a lot of inspiration from family life. Sometimes it might seem as if one is moaning about children but I say that much as children are very loving and you would do anything for them, they take from you all the time, and are a bit like chickens that peck all day long. If you do not take time to recharge, you feel so drained by the end of the day because they are taking all the time;that is the nature of parenting and hopefully they will get to the age where they do appreciate what you do for them.

Our year group ( high school) has been circulating these group emails and it is interesting to read from old friends.I have been aware of how isolated I have been from the grown-up world. My world seems to be made up of Kidspeak; but the big bonus of having been at home all this while is that I know myself much better and recognize the triggers that get me into negative states and the like and this week has been one of slipping back a little into my old ways of waiting when I have things to do.

The fact that stares me in the face is that I do need to exercise regularly. Sometimes I wake up and feel like crawling back into bed though I have had several hours of sleep. The lethargy affects my output and my mood and then my thoughts start veering to the morbid and to pitying myself and to asking why I should bother to do certain things at all.
I have also noticed that I need to have something else apart from my own business to attend to; to be of service to someone else .
I have to learn to be patient and work through these periods of inactivity and learn to be directed in my ways and study the Word of God .

Life is interesting in the world of this stay-at-home mother.


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