Wednesday, February 22, 2006

One thing at a time

I have not visited this place since Sunday; I have been a bit overwhelmed emotionally and that has blunted the desire to write somewhat. I feel better today but I still feel physically tired and drained t.I have a slight headache this evening which does not help and the housework is still not finished. One thing I know is that it is very easy for the writing to take the back seat and I must wrestle against all the things that would prevent me from getting on with it.

I had a letter published this month in The Writer's Magazine and it is the first thing I have seen in print this year. I was especially happy to see that my teacher had picked it up and was pleased for me; she used it as an example in class. I am gaining credibility with my classmates and I am encouraged to keep it up

I went to school today and it was good; very informative and we have a lot to read. My greatest desire now is to pick one book and finish it . I must have about twenty books that I have started and left in the middle . I feel out of control and realize that it would be better for me to be done with one thing before moving on to the next.

I am going to have to throw out my credo of doing various things at the same time and pay attention to one thing alone .

One thing at a time, one step at a time, one post at a time.

Bye for now.


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