Sunday, February 12, 2006

In Him alone

I did my hair today, that is put it in braids and feel a bit more happy about the state of my hairline now, because I can cover the bits where the hair is more attracted to any other place but my scalp and my husband says I look nice.I would say I look presentable.
I spent a lot of the time encouraging my hairdresser to keep praying and to keep hoping and believing that God would answer her prayers. I pray about anything and everything and I see answers daily. Some of them might not come as quickly as I would want them to but they come and a lot of times they come disguised and completely unexpected and prove how wise and great God is.
Today as I sat in church, I felt immensely grateful to have the privilege of knowing Jesus as my Saviour and being able to pick up the Bible and know that it was truth and completely reliable. There is an ease in being sure of what you believe in because there is rest in there.
A little poem came to mind;more of a prayer actually.

Lord, meld me,
Mould me and
Make me
Completely yours.

That is my greatest desire above all else; to live for God and to tell of His goodness in whatever I do.

He alone is worthy of all praise and He alone is the faithful One.

Only believe and you will taste and see His goodness. As I said to my friend, let your confidence be in God; it will not be disappointed.

God bless you.


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