Friday, February 10, 2006


Today I listened to some great classical music and once again observed how it really does a lot of good to my creative part. I wås driving so I couldn't do any scribbling but in these past few weeks where I have noticed that tiredness is stunting my writing, I am going to listen to this type of music a bit more at home. I also enjoy gospel music very much but since our move, I have not been able to listen to gospel music much because the CDs are all tucked away in boxes.

Today I have also been thinking about how to get around the busyness of modern life and be a bit more relaxed and on top of all the various little jobs that need doing; and I have been praying for wisdom to deal with two of the boys.

The one certain thing is that God does answer prayer and so I shall have some good news to report on the writing front and on the discipline of the boys soon ånd ålso on that beåutiful inspirationål music; classical music.

A great weekend ahead for åll.


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