Monday, February 13, 2006

I want to write

The boys are on the first half-term break of the year and the first day of it went well today; we visited some friends from church and had a lovely time. It was very relaxing for me because I did not need to do any dishes or cooking for the afternoon. Nice.

I am trying to make an effort with the writing and today I scribbled a few lines and also sent an email about interviewing someone. The bottom line is that I do need to get the body moving because being tired stifles creativity which is not surprising. I haven't been out of our neighbourhood for a while and the boredom is there though I am trying my best not to moan about it or make too much out of it.

It is good for me to acknowledge that certain activities do enhance the writing process and I must make an effort to get them going consistently. I do love this writing gift and cherish it very much. It is the one thing that I know I have a passion for and that I want to excel in. There are other passions but it tops the lot of all the other things that I love to do and I want to do well in it, not for monetary gains per se ( though that would be very nice) or for fame or recognition but for the fact that I want to explore the ability to my full potential.

I do not want to look back in regret; I want to be prolific and productive; I want to write daily; I want to fulfil my calling in this craft; I want to be proud to call myself a writer.

So I will keep trying and keep writing.


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