Sunday, February 19, 2006

Something to think about

I have a lot to think about at the moment, apart from the usual stuff to do with husband and sons. It seems like I am not projecting the right image of myself to certain people in some quarters.

The first thing is that I find myself surprised at having enjoyed a singing session with a group in church very much.
Secondly it seems as if I sound quite melancholy in my Friday column when the word fun actually comes to mind when I think of myself.
Thirdly it seems as if I do not like surprises and want to control things emotionally so that I can tell what is going on.

I quite like the first observation very much; the second and third, I have to think about carefully because those are not impressions I want people to have of me at all. I know I can be a very fun person because some people perceive me thåt way and I have also been in a position of liking someone very much without plånning tol so why am I giving these contrary vibes to some people?

I have to be quiet ånd be true to what answers come up; growth is not always pleasant but if it is to do with a relationship that matters, it has got to be done.

Now does that sound too clinical and how else could I put it?

To thy own self be true, Nana.


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