Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We are indeed wired differently and each of us is so unique. I am finding out that I am definitely one who needs a lot of self-care in terms of doing things for myself so that I do not feel like I am giving all the time and not receiving. The thing about taking care of young people is that they just take and do not understand that adults get tired and also need a break sometimes.

I think women in particular tend to just keep giving and feel guilty when they take time out for themselves.

After being at home for almost eleven years and being dependent on my husband, I am at the point where I know that I have to do certain things for myself. Take care of my health and well-being so that I can continue to give. On that note I do not feel guilty any more if I need to take a break from the older children and husband to fill up my well.

Some can operate very well on autopilot; I find that I become quite moody and irritable when I have given and given and given without a break. I hope I will not get to the point of illness again to give myself a break or a treat.
Self-care is indeed important for this female.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Nana Yaa

I couldn't believe it when I realized who you were! I ended up here cos of a comment you left on the Christianity Today website and I just wondered who "Nana Yaa" was so I followed the link - isn't it a tiny world! I tried to call but not sure if I still have the correct number. Please drop me a line on

Love Ama (Dankwa) Derban

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