Friday, January 12, 2007

Dick Francis

It is not a pleasant thing to be uninspired as a writer. It feels quite frustrating because you do want to write but your mind is blank. I am by no means the first writer to experience this phenomenon. I have read about it several times from other quarters and much as I am doing my best to write when I don’t feel like it, it is hard doing sometimes.
Today (the 11th) I have felt like that and after taking a nap and waking up with still nothing beeping in my mind, I picked up the new Dick Francis book to read and I am yet to finish the first chapter but he has me in smiles already and I feel inspired to jot down what is happening. There is nothing like a master at his game. I am so glad he is back again writing and even if it is still about houses and races, I say bring it on, Mr Francis. You have a lifelong fan in me not just for your tales but your paucity of writing.
I love this writer.
I have to note that when I need inspiring, I have to head for a Dick Francis novel to do the trick.Tight,pacy, gritty writing; just the kind of medicine that I need.



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