Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My good friend, the journal

Each time I read an old journal I get quite tickled and pleased at some of my musings in there and I also find out whether I have grown up at all in any way. Sometimes I get quite surprised to see that I have written something I am still grappling with or realize that I have had answers to questions or prayer requests I have jotted in there. I am glad I keep a journal. I have recently come across a market for submissions and I have spotted a few lines in one of my old journals that I could pick up and follow through to submit to this market.

I am also hoping to get out a vision letter to Barbara,my coach, about what I want to achieve next year and even though I am feeling physically tired at the moment, I am at the point where I realise that if I do not push forward my dreams tired or not, they will remain exactly those: dreams and who doesn’t have dreams, tell me? We all do but few realise the grand things they picture. All the boring words I normally do not like to think about are necessary to achieve my dreams. Diligence, perseverance, hard work, preparedness, etc,etc and all those “lovely’ words come into play over here. I have at least one thing to help me. A journal to pour in my difficulties and of course prayer, music, the Word and all the support I have from those who love me come to mind.
And of course, keeping a trusty journal to keep me company along the way is always a good thing.



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