Friday, January 26, 2007

The did it and so can I!

Last year there was a very interesting program about paying off your mortgage in two years and there was the promise that the people involved in the program would be followed up to see how far they had gone with their charge. I watched one of the follow-up programs yesterday and was quite impressed with what I saw. The couple, considering that they had joined in late, were right on target to achieve their dream and despite the blips and discouragement along the way, I would say they made it which was quietly very moving. I was trying to think how they must have felt about not having any debt on their house (a big thing over here) and how they felt about achieving such a big and very difficult goal. Something more than elation, perhaps.

I have been struck several times in recent months about the similar reactions and emotions we all face and go through as human beings. Disappointment, fear, the feeling of being let down, joy, happiness, excitement and the like and with the negative emotions I am learning that I am not the only one who goes through them. It is only a few who persevere beyond feelings to march on, even wounded, towards achieving their goals. Men seem to do better in that respect and I am learning to put my feelings to one side and think how I will feel if I achieved something I consider to be great.

I read a letter to a beginning writer by Phyllis Whitney, an author whose books I read some years back in Ghana and it was just that kind of advice I have been doing my best to give to myself. It is important to take a shot at whoever you want to do even if you know you will not have good results. Trying to attain perfection before you start is a sure way never to start anything and she says that it is better to have mud that you can mould than not to have anything at all. That is a very nice way to look at it.

Funny that in the book of Ezekiel God asks him whether the dry bones he sees can live and he says only God knows. Yes, only God can tell what will succeed or no,t but if you do not have anything to start with, then you have nothing at all to show for it.
Baby steps, small steps will lead you where you want to go to.
With that in mind, I will not be discouraged about my walking regime that has not gone according to my dreams and plans. I have started with it and if I continue will have something to show for it…. In a few months time.
Play with some mud; it is the base material for the beautiful artifact, Nana.

Everyone can once they put their hearts and minds to it.



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