Monday, January 22, 2007

Jesus my Saviour

The biggest thing in my life and I know will be was when I became a believer in 1988 after sixth form and the way it happened was another miracle.

My faith has been the most important thing to me since then and sometimes my heart is so full of gratitude for knowing Jesus as my Saviour, especially when I am feeling a bit low or discouraged about some thing or the other. I ask myself what I would do if I didn’t know that God hears my cry and my prayers. It is a blessing to be known by the Lord and experience the peace He gives us through the Holy Spirit and His word. It is the reason why I love to read through the psalms and get comforted by the words those psalmists of old wrote. They capture the whole human gamut of emotions and for me, they are such a comfort.

I am watching a Fred Hammond DVD and just seeing the talent on display to glorify God amazes me, humbles me and inspires me to do better with what I have been given and I am hoping to reach that point where I do get going without having to be “inspired” ever so often. Gratitude for the Lord’s grace and mercy would make me want to write and thank Him and glorify Him with what He has give me. I want to go beyond writing only when I am feeling like it. That is not good enough. God is so merciful to me.

What love, what joy, what peace, what grace, what mercy is available for those who run to Him and abide in Him.
Oh glorious God, I thank you.



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