Thursday, December 28, 2006

Morgan Freeman link

Somehow people like to talk to me and I have even had a stranger share with me the hunch that she was pregnant and I could see the glow as she described her feelings. She was older than me and had probably given up the thought of ever being a mother and suddenly felt like she was pregnant. Whether her feeling turned out right or not, I never got to know since she was a complete stranger but what I was amazed at was to be able to share her joy in those few minutes that she confided in me.

This week while waiting to get a DVD for Michael’s birthday, the lady in front of me started chatting with me about the DVD which had Morgan Freeman in it and she said that if she were dying and was asked for her last wish, she would wish for Morgan Freeman to read to her.

I understand what she means. I like him a lot too; he is cool, self-assured and completely comfortable in his skin, I feel. And his voice, ah, what a voice. Well, this lady waxed lyrical about his voice too and then she also told me she was expecting her first baby and again I shared in the joy of another stranger.

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people talk to me but it is something I do not take for granted at all because it is one sure way in which I receive inspiration to write. A conversation sets me thinking and then gives way to the desire to jot down my thoughts and in that way have I been privileged to share a lot of my thoughts.

Maybe I should do a search of Morgan Freeman on the web and see where that also leads me.


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