Friday, December 01, 2006

I do hope the little lady has some fashion sense more in tune with her granny’s than mine. I have had this hairdo that I am not too sure about for a week and she has been staring at the hair more than at my face. I guess she is wondering whether her hair is going to change into that too. Hmmm.
Anyway it has been a week of still smiling and waving and calling upon friends to pray about certain things with me. God is good and I believe I am the most blessed of all his children with such friends in my life. Friends I can call on when I am in need of a pick-me-up and some friendly advice and encouragement.
I met a lovely man when I was doing the PGCE who was also a Christian and though we did not become bosom buddies, we did have a few interesting conversations and there was once he offered to drop me home but I refused because he lived way out of London and I though it would be inconsiderate of me to take him out of his way to my area. Well, he also dropped the PGCE and he was even more advanced in the program than I was but thought it was somehow not suited to him either. Well we have kept in touch and once in about every three months we drop each other a line. He just wrote to me this week to tell me that he and his family are trying out the good life by taking a smallholding; that is they have gone into farming! Now I was so excited about that because of my farming dreams and very happy for him, needless to say.

Each time my man-made plans do not seem to go the way I want them to,
I remember that the Christ child was born in the least likely place,
For me He came, for me He lived on earth,
For me He died and rose again,
To give me life everlasting that never fades or passes away
In the presence of His Father.
My man-made plans are nothing without Him.


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