Thursday, October 05, 2006

Using my own article

I think I felt pretty euphoric after that 100th entry that I took a break yesterday from posting anything here. It was a good day yesterday because I wanted to do some trialling on a short story and I did. It might not be the best story ever to have been written but it is an area I am going to learn from since there seem to be so many markets for fiction.
In the meantime I am also making use of the little essay that has been rejected and using my own timetable to get myself on track with the writing. I am learning which areas I write easier than in others and also not rushing to be hard on myself when I fall on my face with the writing.
Sometimes some lessons are learnt in parts and it is another thing I am learning. There are many dimensions to small steps at a time but I still hold on to it.
Baby steps, small steps make a big difference in the long-term.
God is always good.


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