Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The fragments in my life

I had very vivid dreams last two nights; a result of being woken up several times by Son no. 4 and husband's tossing and turning. The first one was interrupted when the person I was dealing with ( in the dream) was on the cusp of talking about something we both treasure very much so I was quite irritated and frustrated to be woken up at that point; I repented and prayed and asked to fall back asleep so I could get some rest.
Then I dreamt again about other friends with an old friend from the past tossed into the mix; the dream did not make much sense but I was left with a sense of gathering up the fragments because I was going through my books and realised that I had bought enough books to start a small school of sorts, back in Ghana.
Now I wish I could say this thing about fragments was my original idea but no, it wasn’t and isn’t. I have always wondered what happened to the 12 baskets that Jesus asked his disciples to gather up after the feeding of the five thousand. I heard a minister preach about that and talk about wastage and said that though God was a lavish God, He was not wasteful, and then he went on to say that sometimes we have things in our hands or in our homes that don’t seem like much until we have gathered them together.
And that is what I saw in the dream. I have spent a lot of money on books and in the dream I saw that I had put them together to form a little library of sorts that would be accessed by other people and I had materials that people wanted.
I have been very encouraged by this dream. Sometimes when one is believing for something, it does seem to take a long time but God is so aware of our deepest needs and desires and gives us reassurances along the way. I have to keep believing and keep praying and keep calling the things in that I would like to see happen in my life. He alone is able to bring these things to pass.
Thank You, Father for your goodness,
You are amazing, You are beautiful beyond measure.


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