Friday, September 22, 2006

Learning to focus

This week I have been doing my best not to let tiredness get the better of me. I have not been sleeping well for obvious reasons but also because I am a little restless; I know why I am restless and I am dealing with that. I need to go back to some basic things I have neglected to do with reading the Bible and prayer so I have addressed that very quickly. I cannot afford to live in disobedience or stubbornness.
A friend gave me some tapes on how to keep your focus and I am enjoying the message very much as well as the humour of the minister because he is so funny.
And it is the week when I have noticed that a particular friend of mine expects one to chat almost every day and live at a snail’s pace in a country that is very unlike the one we hail from. I am not an ultra-organized person and I am now learning to be more disciplined and organized so her efforts to get me to lose focus, albeit unknowingly, have had to be gently rebuffed. I am no longer a teenager but a mother of five in a few more weeks and quite frankly is it not high time that I hauled up my socks to achieve the dreams I believe God has given me?
Focus, Nana Yaa, I say to myself. Focus. Even if you don’t feel like it or feel up to it, you can pray anywhere and at any time. So pray, Nana and focus as well.
One step at a time, a day at a time.


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