Friday, September 08, 2006

Daydreams are made of such ...

If I had grown up in this part of the world, I would probably have to sue my mother for not allowing me to be a lawyer after reading Rage of Angels. First I wanted to be a pathologist or a coroner when I was quite young; where that came from, I really can’t tell but I think it was to do with my early exposure to detective stories and then I set my sights on being a lawyer but my mother wouldn’t allow me. Her father told her that lawyers were liars and that sealed my fate, so to speak.

The reasons for this revisit to my childhood dreams is because I am getting serious withdrawal symptoms after reading all the Linda Fairstein books in our local libraries. I have just fallen in love with her character so much, (one of the feisty female detectives who seem to be my role models in certain ways) that I had to return some other crime novels that I borrowed unread, because of Alex. I do love very male characters as well but the female detectives just seem to nurture or fuel my adventurous nature.

Alexander Cooper is the female protagonist in Linda’s books and she is far from perfect but very brave and I am in love once again. Until Kathy Reichs or Sue Grafton or Sara Paretsky has another title on the shelves of my local library, I shall be pining for a few more days… or weeks. Please, not months.

If my mother had allowed me to be a lawyer or something along the lines of the authors of these novels, I would be probably be churning out my own such stories and novels.

Hmmm. Nothing like dreaming for a bit of self-indulgence.


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