Monday, September 25, 2006

Brussels was good for me

My husband and I went to Brussels for a day and a night and I really do feel like a new person. I feel a bit more energetic despite the baby and also feel more ready to have the baby. I have had to admit to myself lately that travel is a big interest of mine and I will have to take the time to invest in it somehow. I am interested in tourism and get enchanted with descriptions of exotic places and the different modes of travel.
Brussels was similar to Paris and yet different to it, just like human beings have similarities and yet are also all different.
The biggest surprise though was how short the trip was to Brussels via the Eurostar; we did it in less than 2 hours which was cool.
I definitely will be putting an envelope aside for holidays and each penny in there will multiply by faith.

At the same time , I am asking God to help me serve Him better and be more like a pig, where every part of me is being made use of to His kingdom.

Dreams are made of such...


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