Thursday, October 12, 2006

A bit of vanity

I never thought I was a vain person where my looks were concerned; my mother made sure of that and constantly reminded me of that fact each time she had to rebuke one of my prettier cousins by pointing out that my virtues were telling the truth and studying (reading would have been a more apt description but let’s not get into the details here) and that those were more important than having good looks so I never deceived myself in that department . Her view was further reinforced by the fact that I never had any boys panting or whistling after me except for those in the poor area I lived in, who I suppose didn’t have any other girl in secondary school like me to make fun of.

Well, how did I expose the vanity about my looks? When I got pregnant! I had no idea how very much I would crave the flat midsection back until my tummy ballooned and I couldn’t get any comfortable position to lie in to get a decent night’s sleep. Gosh, I would wake up with pains in my hips and still feel groggy and tired and I must say that even though I was excited about being a mother, I really did want my tummy back.

This feeling has happened with each one of the boys and even though I put on a lot of weight with the second and the third boys, I have always been relieved to be able to get back a midsection that does not have to be arranged at night and during the night so that I can get some sleep.

I tell you, this is really going to be the last. At least if I cannot have the face of Nefertiti, I can have a mid-section that undercover looks a bit like Denise Lewis’s (in my imaginations).


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