Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finishing line

It has been about a week since I last wrote over here and it has been a very challenging week. At home and without but these are times of my character being honed and I have to be strong and stay focused. My mentor has been calling me the past three days to encourage me and tell me to stay focused. The finishing line for several breakthroughs is very near and so many things will come to distract and to discourage and one has to be very aware of that.

And sometimes these distractions come through very close family and friends and one has to be vigilant, vigilant, vigilant! I am persevering with the writing and this week I have worked on one thing and I have to keep at it until the finish line.

As Mike Murdock says, Champions are finishers. I am a champion, I am a finisher, I am a champion, I am a finisher, I am a champion, I am a finisher. And I am more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens me.

Thank You, Father for Your forgiveness and for your grace. Thank You for being with me all the time.


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