Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still looking for those pockets

It has been interesting, these past few days. Wanting to write but lacking the time to do so. Still trying to find a way to create pockets of time and I don't want to give in just yet. Hard to find those pockets with all that I have to do and these are the mundane jobs that can take so much time. A cleaner when the time is right and the money is available, for sure. There is no point fighting the fact that as a large family in a small home, there will always be lots of cleaning to do and it is quite frustrating at the moment but I believe it is all character-building and I have to try to be patient and also more focused and more innovative about how to get things done quicker. 
A day at a time, one step at a time so I keep pressing on.

And on another note completely, Wimbledon has started this year and the weather is looking good indeed for them. I want Federer to win again, naturally. I don't think he can win enough times really. What price to watch such a beautiful player exude his talent on the court, I don't know. Murray is looking good though so let's not get ahead of ourselves, Nana.

Lord, in Your mercy, hear my prayer.


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