Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is it all necessary?

I attended a PGL meeting tonight and it was rather interesting. I wonder whether sex education is a necessity for children as young as eleven. It is a bit jarring, is it not, especially when you have kids who are being offered such classes. And I feel it is a big shame that any society has to introduce a big thing like sex so early when the kids could be taught how to be more responsible about a lot more things in life. Like keeping your head down and working hard in school for example. Or learning that one's life is not made up of your possessions or how much money you earn.

How can a child who cannot even use his or her own initiative to complete certain basic tasks be entrusted with knowledge about sexual functions? It really does beat my mind.
What it also teaches me too is that one has to keep on thinking long-term because even choosing to stay in a particular country is a choice and with every choice comes consequences.
I would love my kids to grow up in a country where respect for morals and values is appreciated and not scorned at or disdained and that is a choice I have made and that I am working to achieve with God's Help. Different things call for different actions and one has to do what is necessary at the right time.

Lord in Your mercy, hear my prayer. 


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