Monday, June 01, 2009

A good decision today

Today I took a very good decision with the help of my mentor. A very good one indeed. Jack Canfield talks about taking a 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you and I think it is the most important lesson for me from his book. I cannot let anyone else take the fall for me or get me out of some of the holes I find myself in. Proverbs 6 talks about getting yourself out of a snare if you have made a rash promise.

The next level for me that I am working on in prayer is to be so discerning and so prayerful that I do not fall into the trap at all that someone has set for me. One has to be wise and that only comes from spending time in the Lord's presence and pursuing His will for one relentlessly.
There is much to be done and one cannot afford to get into these entanglements that hinder and impede progress.

To my destiny, I march forth and no weapon that has been formed against me will prosper in any way. Thank You, Father for that eternal promise from You. In Jesus' Name, I thank You, Amen!


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