Monday, May 18, 2009

Lying low

It has been a quiet day of sorts today. One of the boys was off school and so I had to be home to take care of him in the afternoon and we missed French for that reason. I kind of enjoyed having that break and amazingly we managed to get to bed before nine p.m. I know it is late for a lot of households but somehow we have lost the 7:30 plot and there is no point trying to get it back because of the mini world wars fought each evening to achieve that. Besides we have a lot of after-school activities and it just makes it hard to rush the evening when we get back after 6. Anyhow, today we did well.

I am in a kind of transitional phase where I am looking forward to some breakthroughs and I feel like I am at a place where I have to lie low, do much less talking and do my best to get myself into great shape and let my work speak for me. I have done lots of reading, lots of talking, lots of justifying my actions and it is time for whatever knowledge I have acquired and maturity to shine through.

Father, I can only do these with Your Help. You neither slumber nor sleep and You have had a plan for my life before the foundation of the world. Let Your plan be established in my life as I strive to hear Your voice and do my best to be a perfect protege.

Lord, in Your mercy, hear my prayer.
Thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord, Amen.


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