Sunday, March 29, 2009

My ruffled feathers

This is the time when I wish I could write Twi and pray in that mother tongue as well. The challenge I find myself in means that I am vulnerable to all sorts of criticisms and even though I am the innocent one, I am the one that gets the impatience and the talking down to when I tell people about this particular situation.

Jack Canfield says to take a 100% responsibility for oneself and I do. Though I have not committed the "crimes" involved, I take responsibility for allowing them to take place and just looking on. So I will take the insults and whatever and pick myself up and focus on what needs doing because yes, I am making progress indeed; and let that fact soothe my ruffled feathers into place.

A day at a time, an idea at a time, a step at a time for my God is faithful and will bring me to an expected end if I keep trusting Him and Him alone.

Thank You, Father.


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