Thursday, March 26, 2009

Growing steps

I am re-reading Jack Canfield's book called "How to get from where you are to where you want to be". It is a very practical, readable book and at the same time a very deep book. Some of the points he make are that successful people take action and ask questions and do not let rejection get them down.
I am good at asking questions but not so good at taking action or getting up from rejection. Thankfully I am learning rapidly because I have observed that to be true. It is only a few actions that separate the good from the great and it is never too late to start taking action. It is why I keep writing about the daily progress. Even one action daily does so much to add to one's confidence and propels you to the next level, because one fine day you will find yourself at a place where all the little, baby steps have resulted in a giant step.
So I am doing my best to make progress daily and also to keep myself accountable to those who keep encouraging me to move forward. 
Daily progress, taking action, asking questions and learning from those who have gone on before is all part of the growth process.
Thank You, Father for today. Thank You for Your grace and Your mercy.


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