Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another day...

Today has been another day; started off very well with my lesson. The student is not as weak as her mother thinks and I believe there is time to prepare her for her exam in May. A day at a time with lots of prayers and also attention to detail. We had about a 2 hour lesson today because I wanted to go through a whole paper with her. It was a good lesson, I feel. Lord, lead me.

Then the afternoon was spent on shopping and being told off again by a good friend; I am beginning to think I must just chill and have some results to show one way or the other. I feel like a spare coin who is constantly going from one person to another with one sad tale after the other. Maybe it is not quite as awful as that but you get my point; I have to have something to show for all my talk.

Lord, without You I can't do it and I need You to teach me and direct me; please help me fulfil my destiny. Help me, please. I am at that point now of just wanting to lead a quiet, calm, non-intrusive life which affects other people in only the most positive ways.

Thank You, Father.


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